Energy conducting body and massage cream

makes your energy flow...
suitable for professionals and for self-treatment


  • Scar removal
  • supports energetic therapies
  • Application in TCM practice
  • self-treatment to promote the flow of energy
  • before and after sports activities


  • Massages
  • Baby and children massage
  • Foot reflexology massage
  • Gua-sha / cupping massage


  • Scars
  • during and after pregnancy
  • body and facial skin
  • after sunbathing
  • before and after sports activities

Shelf life
see end of tube
used containers are to be used within 8 months
cans are to be used with dosing pump

at room temperature (not below 6 degrees Celsius)
protect the tube from sunlight

High quality raw materials, mineral salts according to Schüssler, perfuming: natural essential oils
PH adapted to the skin

Allergic reactions are not known. Dermatologically tested.
Tip: People who have problems with allergies should try on small skin area.

INCI declaration
For allergy sufferers. Every drop is declared, whether as carrier substance or solvent.
See package insert (page 2).


Energy flow direction