Energy conducting ShowerBath

makes your energy flow...
suitable for professionals and for self-treatment


  • promotes the energy flow of the body through the skin
  • Bath additive: 2 tbsp. per bath
  • Shower: apply a little DuschBad to a wet cloth or shower sponge, soap the body with it in the direction of energy flow.
  • Refreshes and activates


  • drains congestion: soothes and relaxes especially for a good restful sleep (2 splashes in water)
  • diverts heat from the head

Hand washing

  • Cares for the skin during frequent hand washing
    Very suitable for washing hands after treatment
  • Re-greasing


  • daily gentle cleansing for normal and sensitive skin, "problem skin"
  • For babies


  • after physical activities, sports, work,... > for energetic balancing, nourishes and detoxifies the NARBS during washing
  • after sunbathing > relaxes the skin
  • for shaving > glides, relaxes the skin


  • at home
  • in surgeries
  • Spa wellness
  • Fitness center

High quality raw materials, mineral salts according to Schlüssler, witch hazel plant extract.
Perfuming: natural essential oils, PH adapted to the skin

INCI declaration
For allergy sufferers. Every drop is indicated, whether as carrier substance or solvent.
See package insert (page 4)


Energy flow direction